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pEi Pod pink / pink pillow 124,95 EUR
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Product No.: 91003
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pEi Pod pink / pink pillow
pEi Pod pink / pink pillow
pEi Pod pink / pink pillow

The Story
« What’s cuter than a kitty? A kitty hatching from an egg. Before it was a pEi Pod, it was an idea. »

Lovingly designed around your pet’s instinctual needs, pEi Pods are safe and nurturing habitats that complement your living space rather than disrupting it. The rounded design mimics cavelike sanctuaries that animals gravitate instinctively toward for protection and relaxation, while the sleek, elliptical exterior accents your interior design and enhances your living space.

- comfortible place to sleep

- can stand up to 100 kg

- washable pillow

- impermeable polyethylene material

Sleek & Safe
Able to withstand up to 100kgs of weight pressure, the pEiPod is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the exact same highly-durable, safe, and recyclable material used to make baby products.

Smart & Sustainable
Eliminating the financial and environmental burden of replacing pet bed covers, the pEi Pillow is 100% washable. Both pod and pillow are fully recyclable.

         Small: Dogs and cats up to 6,0 kg
Measurements: 40,5 cm length, 57 cm width, 43 cm high

Dogs and cats up to 8,5 kg
Measurements: 50,0 cm length, 75 cm width, 55 cm high

Combination of Colours:

In order of harmony to your individual interieur we offer different designs of pEi Pods:

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