Schulze Heimtierbedarf starts the year 2020 with little fundraising campaign

Even after Christmas presents can still be given and good things can be done. Especially in the field of animal protection, donations and any other form of support are of great importance at any time. Food donations are an effective and direct way to help, because many hungry stomachs want to be filled every day.

A company like Schulze Heimtierbedarf, which is at home in the pet industry, is of course well-placed in the feeding area and this position is to be used also in 2020 to support the animal shelters and animal welfare organisations with various small feed donation campaigns.

For example, the animal protection organization Nienburg-Weser und Umgebung e.V. with the animal shelter Schessinghausen received a snack donation, which was gratefully accepted by the small velvet paws and tasted directly (see photos). The animal shelter is a former farm located on the outskirts of the city of Nienburg-Weser and offers dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals a loving temporary home where they are cared for by the shelter team and some volunteers, surrounded by meadows, fields and woods. More information on how the animal protection association, which is also a member of the German Animal Protection Association, can be actively supported is to be found on their website (www.tierschutzverein-nienburg.de).

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