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Ducky World - Cat toys filled with catnip

Ducky World is the world's best manufacturer of catnip filled cat toys. Each and every one of the toys is 100% filled with high quality, organically grown catnip - no cotton filling, no plastic parts. Working closely with private farmers ensures the highest quality catnip in terms of freshness, colour and aroma. All toys are handmade in the USA.

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Yeowww! peeled Banana Yeowww! peeled Banana (1 Stück)

Catnip filled bananas

€16.95 *
Content 1 Stück
Yeowww! Catnip Buds Katzenminze Yeowww! Catnip Buds (10 g)

Fresh and natural herbs to stimulate play behaviour in cats

€12.80 *
Content 10 g (€1.28 * / 1 g)
Yeowww Stinies gelb Detailansicht Yeowww! Stinkies

Catnip filled cloth sardine

From €4.95 *
Different variants available
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Yeowww Katzenminze Sonne Mond und Sterne Verpackung Yeowww! Sun, Moon & Stars (1 Stück)

100% Organic Catnip Filled Sun, Moon & Star

€21.35 *
Content 1 Stück
Yeowww! Pineapple Yeowww! Pineapple (1 Stück)

The Pineapple’s durable cotton twill cover is stuffed to the core with a whopping 1.45 ounces of...

€12.40 *
Content 1 Stück
Yeowww! Kissen mit Katzenminze gelb Yeowww! Pillows

Catnip filled pillow

€5.95 *
Different variants available
Yeowww! My Cats Balls 3 pcs. Yeowww! My Cats Balls 3 pcs.

Catnip filled fabric balls

€21.35 *
Yeowww! Lemon Yeowww! Lemon

Catnip filled fabric lemons

€13.50 *
Yeowww Pollock Detailansicht Yeowww! Pollock

Catnip filled colourful fabric fish

€17.70 *
Yeowww! Apple Yeowww! Apple

Catnip filled fabric apples

€14.95 *
Yeoww Katzenminze Banane Verpackung Detail Yeowww! Banana

Catnip filled bananas

€12.25 *
Yeowww! Heart Attack Yeowww! Heart Attack

Catnip filled hearts

€12.80 *
Yeowww! Chubby Mouse Yeowww! Chubby Mouse

Catnip filled mouse

€8.25 *
Yeowww! Lady Crinkle Bug Yeowww! Lady Crinkle Bug

Catnip filled fabric lady bug

€8.25 *
Yeoww Regenbgen mit Katzenmize Detail Banderole Yeowww! Rainbow

Catnip filled rainbow

€14.15 *
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