Our contribution to climate protection

"We believe that we always have a responsibility to our environment. Especially when we realise that we can create tangible improvements." Dirk Schulze


This guiding principle also forms the basis in the manufacture of our products. Here we attach great importance to the most environmentally friendly use of the resources and materials required. For example, we use solar radiation as a natural source of energy in our halls and office buildings, which are equipped with photovoltaic systems, and this energy is effectively used directly in the filling of our products.

Resource and climate protection - step by step towards more sustainability

In the area of resource and climate protection, we have been working successfully with the environmental service provider INTERSEROH for several years. As a central company of the ALBA Group, Interseroh has been developing customised environmental and system services across all sectors since 1991 in order to specifically improve the sustainability performance of companies. As a partner of this group of companies, we now save large quantities of greenhouse gases and primary resources every year thanks to the joint recycling activities and are proud of our savings successes*.

This means in figures for 2018: since 2013, a total of 245,143.04 kilograms of resources and 35,445.1 kilograms of greenhouse gases have already been saved in this way.


Packaging materials - in the spirit of sustainability

We also orient our packaging materials towards sustainability. An important point here is the reduction or efficient use of packaging. We are also always on the lookout for new, sustainable packaging materials.


Sustainability through reuse and recycling

In the fight against climate change, reuse and recycling of already used raw materials play a decisive role.

We are increasingly making sure that various films or cartons that have already been used are reused as packaging material. In this way, we keep our ecological footprint small by avoiding additional packaging material. If you ever receive an order from us with reused packaging material, you will be part of our long-term project for more sustainability. 

Foil packaging - yes, but from recycled material

Wherever possible, we use simply recyclable material that consists of only one substance. Compared to the usual composite materials, this so-called mono-material has the advantage that production costs are significantly lower and disposal is more environmentally friendly. 


Constant change for more sustainability

The issue of sustainability is very close to our hearts, which is why we work every day to always find an ecologically responsible solution by means of various and new measures.


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