Support for Street Cats and Dogs in Sardinia

In matters of animal protection, Schulze Heimtierbedarf GmbH has not only become active within Germany this year and has supported various associations and organisations with feed donations, but has also made donations in the enormously important area of animal protection abroad. For example, an extensive feed donation went to the animal welfare association respekTiere e.V. (www.respektiere.com), which, in addition to its charitable work in the Upper Palatinate, has successfully managed a project for cat and dog protection in Sardinia for many years.

The work of associations active in animal protection abroad is just as important as that of animal protectionists working at home, and a look beyond one's own nose is essential in order to gain an impression of the additional tasks, hurdles and challenges with which volunteers are confronted in a foreign country in their daily work. The focus of respekTiere e.V. is on sustainable, long-term effective protection measures on site, and as a necessary consequence a careful placement of the dogs and cats in Germany, where a multi-stage placement procedure with pre- and post-controls ensures that a suitable home is found for them. The fact that such a project demands an awful lot from each individual member and that the entire team is constantly pushed to its limits in the course of its tireless efforts is made clear in a current, open and very moving statement by the association. "If you don't keep up with the times, you'll go over time!" - In the introduction with this impressive statement, respekTiere e.V. addresses the public and speaks openly about the constant struggle for its existence, the exhausting work of the volunteers, the financial ups and downs and necessary changes towards a new beginning.

A food donation, such as that of Schulze Heimtierbedarf is one of the many ways to get involved and provide the animal welfare organisation with the urgently needed help and support that keeps the work of the association alive and takes the dogs and cats a small but at the same time so great step further along the road to a species-appropriate, healthy and long life.

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