Cat Litter Scoops and Cat Litter Mats

Our Cat Litter Scoops provide a hygienic and economical solution for easy cleaning of the litter tray. Using them, you can clean the litter tray in a litter-saving way, while the clean and not yet clumped litter is automatically sorted out. For perfect hygiene, use one of our additional Cats Litter Mats to remove any litter particles that get caught on the paws.

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Cat Litter Scoops
Cat Litter Scoops (blue)

Cat Litter Scoop for fine litter
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€1.25 *
TOPBox Scoop with holder
TOPBox Scoop with holder

Replacement Scoop with holder for the TOP BOX cat toilette

€9.99 *
Big Mouth Scoop
Big Mouth Scoop (blue)

Big Litter Scoop
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€5.49 *
Ultimate Litter Mat
Ultimate Litter Mat

Flexible and double layered litter mat

€18.25 *
Omega floor mat in paw design
Omega floor mat in paw design (silver)

Floor mat in paw design
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€11.25 *