Which dog snack for the reward?

Dog training is not always easy. In addition to consistency and a lot of perseverance, experienced dog trainers especially recommend snacks and treats as rewards when the dog has done something right. Even although there are many different opinions here, this positive reinforcement is considered very efficient by many experts. It motivates the dog to cooperate in the training and shows him that it is worthwhile to pay attention to the master or mistress. But what is the best reward for dogs? The choice is varied and not everything offered is healthy in the long run.

The snack should be tasty and healthy

On the one hand, the reward snack should be a special treat, but on the other hand it should also consist of ingredients that are well tolerated by dogs. Allergies can be triggered by cereals, corn or artificial additives, so always take a critical look at the ingredients. As with humans, it is important to ensure that the food contains as little sugar as possible. This also leads to bad teeth and obesity in dogs in the long term. In addition, small dog breeds in particular are often very picky and do not find everything that is offered to them tasty.

The perfect solution - natural snacks for dogs made from 100% meat.

Even though they may not look as colourful, funor cute as many conventional treats, 100% meat rewards such as "Doggy Beat" are probably among the tastiest rewards for dogs. They are made entirely without added cereals, preservatives, fragrances and colourings, but contain plenty of protein from pure freeze-dried duck breast, which supports your dog's natural health. They are very aromatic and are also well tolerated by most food-sensitive dogs. Their natural fibre makes them easy to cut up and suitable as a single protein source treat for all dog ages - from puppy to adult to senior.


Freeze-dried meat - especially rich in nutrients and vitamins

The difference between freeze-dried meat and many other air-dried and natural dog snacks is quite simple. If these are dried by heat, for example, they lose a large part of the valuable ingredients. Probably the gentlest method of drying meat pieces is freeze-drying. Here, the liquid is extracted from the meat without heat, and almost all nutrients and vitamins remain completely contained. This not only has a positive effect on the taste, but also simplifies storage enormously. The snacks do not have to be kept in the refrigerator, they can simply be stored in the cupboard. In addition, they have a very long shelf life, retain their meat structure and what is probably particularly important for all dogs - they also retain their aromatic meat flavour.

We wish all Dogs lots of fun during training!

PS. Besides Doggy Beat made from 100% pure duck meat, you will also find Kitty Beat in 100% chicken and 100% salmon in our range. Due to their purity, these products can of course be fed to both dogs and cats.