How pet food remains fresh for a long time

Once the preferred dog or cat food has been found, large quantities are often purchased in order to always have the pet's favorite food at hand. Large quantities are convenient, usually cheaper and you save the constant driving to the next supermarket or the ordering process in the online store. It may take several weeks before a large bag of pet food is consumed. Especially the storage of larger amounts of food is crucial, because big food bags are exposed to a high air humidity due to the constant opening and closing. This entails certain risks that must be avoided to safeguard a good food quality.
In the following text we will show you a few valuable tricks to keep your pet food fresh over a longer period of time.


Dry Food

Dry food needs to be protected against humidity. You can use appropriate food boxes, usually plastic containers, that can be tightly closed and thus keep the food dry. Ideally, this boxes should be stored in a dark and cool place. Keep in mind to note down the expiry date. In this case your dry food remains fresh and crisp for a long time.

There are also food bags that can be closed again by means of a pressure cap. However, it can happen that one does not completely close the bag out of inattention. Humid air might penetrate the packaging, contaminating the food. If you want to be sure, stable food boxes are the better choice.

Extra tip: Appropriate food boxes in various sizes for safe storage can be found in the category food containers.


Wet Food

The storage of wet food differentiates from the storage of dry food. Wet food is usually available in cans or pouches. The content of a pouch generally lasts for exactly one meal, which means that storage is not relevant. When buying canned food, however, there are a few things to keep in mind - especially with larger portions.

Small and unopened cans can be stored outside the refrigerator. Once the can is opened and isn't used up within a day, the can should be kept in the refrigerator.

The contents of the can should also be transferred to a plastic container, as a possible oxidation of the can toxins can occur and they are thus transferred to the food.

For an optimal display of flavoring substances despite the storage the food should be taken out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before consumption. Especially temperature or sunlight affect the quality of wet food very rapidly. Since cats are quite selective animals which go by their sense of smell you should make sure to always use a clean bowl and dispose leftover food.

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