Leave your dog in the car? Never!


Why the car quickly becomes a heat trap in summer

For many people, summer is the most beautiful season of the year. Of course, you want to share it with your beloved four-legged friend and want to take him everywhere. But we are not allowed to take our four-legged friends with us in every situation and then have to leave the dog in the car.


But just then, when we leave the dog in the car, this is an enormous heat trap in summer. With serious consequences! Find out everything you need to know about the topic "Heat trap car" and "Why we should not leave our dog in the car".


Temperatures in cars are often underestimated

Despite urgent warnings, every summer numerous dogs die in overheated cars because their owners - often without hesitation and "only for a short time" - leave their dog in the car. But even a quick shopping spree, a short walk to the bank or a quick cup of coffee can give the dog agonizing minutes in the heated car. What many dog owners are not aware of is that even at an outside temperature of 20 °C there is a danger to the life of the dog in the car. The reason is the so-called greenhouse effect, by which the inside temperature in the car rises within shortest time far over the respective outside temperature. On a warm summer's day, the temperature in a car can rise above 60 °C in just a few minutes. This quickly leads to heatstroke in dogs and, as a result, can lead to heat death.


Heat development in a closed car:


Source: http://www.liliput-lounge.de


Heat: that's why it's so dangerous for dogs

Unlike humans, dogs have only a few sweat glands to regulate their body temperature. These are in the area of the paws and the nose. Up to an ambient temperature of about 30 °C, dogs are able to counteract overheating with their panting by releasing heat to the environment through their tongue and breath. If it gets hotter, however, only additional cooling helps - this is of course not given with the heat accumulating in the car.

The normal body temperature of dogs is between 38°C and 39°C. Even small deviations are - similar to us humans - harmful and dangerous for dogs. Already from 41 °C it can be fatal, a body temperature of 43 °C leads to heat stroke, which can lead to heat death after only 15 minutes.


ATTENTION fallacy: with the car window open I can leave my dog in the car

Even a shaded parking space or slightly opened car windows do NOT provide sufficient protection against overheating of the car interior. Parts of the radiation get to the car, heat the interior and turn the car into a heat trap for dogs.

This is how you recognize a heat stroke in your dog - signs

  • Strong panting

  • Exceptional restlessness

  • Elongated neck, wide tongue

  • Nervous searching for a way to get into the coolness

  •  Fast, flat breathing

  • Increased pulse, tachycardia

  • Red colored mucous membranes and tongue

  • stagger, stagger

  • vomiting, diarrhoea

  • Strong salivation

  • Red eyes

  • lethargy

  • Overheated body, body temperature above 40 °C (fever)


Heat stroke - What to do?

  • Stay calm!

  • Immediately remove the dog from the heat source

  •  Cool the dog down: wet towel/garment
        → slow: paws - legs - torso

  • Offer the dog water (not too much at once if he has vomited before)

  • In case of clear symptoms of a shock (cramps, trembling, unconsciousness, coma) consult a veterinarian!


Heat trap car: Do not leave dogs alone in the car

Please be aware: An open window is never enough to give the dog a pleasant waiting time in the car. Always take your dog with you on warm days and never leave him alone in the car. Also provide him with plenty of fluids when travelling and take breaks to cool off and relax on longer journeys.


This is how you can help

Always be attentive: If you notice a dog alone in a parking car, try to find the owner. Inform him about the dangers of the "heat trap car" and explain why you shouldn't leave your dog in the car.

Owner not to be found: Depending on the condition of the dog, weigh up what needs to be done (inform the police, smash the car window, etc.).

Summer tip: How to provide for further cooling

Dogs are very sensitive to heat, not only in cars, but in general. During the summer months you should therefore make sure that you offer your dog plenty of opportunities to cool down during outdoor activities (walks, games, excursions, etc.). For swimming fun in the garden, for example, we recommend the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, a bathing tool with spray head and brush in one.


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