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Nekochan Katzentunnel Komplettsystem Tunnel system complete package

Cat tunnel complete package of three elements that can be combined and free catnip toy. The...

€215.50 *
Nekoflies Hanger Kittenator - BP Nekoflies Hanger Kittenator - BP

Robust pendant for cat play rods in the shape of a fur mouse. The pendant becomes the coveted...

€10.65 *
Nekoflies Hanger Kragonfly - BP Nekoflies Hanger Kragonfly - BP

Robust pendant for cat play rod in the shape of a dragonfly. The pendant becomes the coveted prey...

€10.65 *
Tunnel System - I Tunnel System - I

Cat tunnel element in I-shape. This soft padded cat tunnel is part of a system and can be used...

€63.67 *