Porta21 Dog Food


Do you want to encourage muscle growth and bone density of your dog? Or do you have a normally active, adult dog with a sensible digestion? Or could it be that your dog tends to get overweight or has an allergy? Then, we are the right partner, because our PORTA21 product lines Canine-Finest and Schulze's Best have the optimal solution for each of your concerns or worries about your dog!

Our Canine-Finest product line was developed with the scientific support of biologists and veterinarians. The creation of the formulation took place in close cooperation with renowned breeders. The whole, natural food is perfect for an optimal and healthy nutrition of your four-legged friend. The grain-free recipes of the Schulze's Best product range are based on high-quality, carefully selected ingredients and are therefore also particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs.
We feel responsible for the well-being of your pet. Originating from that responsibility, we do not participate in animal testing and prohibit the use of additives like artificial flavoring or colorings. We only use high-quality ingredients such as fine muscle meat, rice, oats and barley. A large number of products, designed to fit the requirements of your pet, and different product sizes guarantee a big diversity in our range of products.

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