A Company Was Born - Our History

The passion for animals began with the love for a Boxer. For Reinhard and Marlies Schulze, this was the cornerstone of their Boxer breeding and the beginning of a successful story. They would never have dreamed that a sailing trip would be the decisive impulse.




Start of the Boxer breeding


Beginning of the 1980s 

During a sailing trip, where one of their Boxers was always with them, food became scarce on board. In the not-so-easy search for a suitable replacement that met the requirements, the idea was born to start their own high-quality and healthy food line.



From the beginnings at the kitchen table, with the test eaters underneath, with their own garage as a warehouse and the family car as a delivery vehicle, the company "Schulze Heimtierbedarf" developed with much love. 



In this year, the sole proprietorship became a limited company, which is still family-run - now in the second generation.



Dirk Schulze grew up with boxers and the development of the company. In 2005, he joined the business as his successor. And the third generation is already involved in one project or another.



Today, Schulze Heimtierbedarf GmbH is an internationally active company with its own fleet of vehicles. The locations of the business partners and also the origins of the customers span the whole of Europe, the Asian region, the USA and Russia. Due to the rapid growth, 48 jobs have been created in the meantime. With every day and every new idea, the company continues to grow. The company's own product lines are known and sought after on the market under the umbrella brand "Porta21". The portfolio, which includes food for dogs and cats as well as toys, accessories and training tools, is constantly expanding. 



Through passion, new ideas and innovations, but above all through love for animals, Schulze Heimtierbedarf GmbH is constantly developing. With attention to detail and the guiding principles "Feed healthy instead of just feeding full." and "Playfully challenge instead of just watching." the company will always be on the ball for the four-legged family members in the future.

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