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Portapet is the overarching brand that unites quality products for dogs and cats from the areas of food, toys, litter and clothing. In our online shop you will find the right product for your pet of guaranteed top quality. This is what the family-run company stands for, which has been involved in the development of optimal pet products for over 30 years and is now in its third generation. With the highest innovative strength and the constant further development of its own products, one thing has always remained the same at portapet - the love for animals.

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Porta Track Mat Porta Track Mat (1 Stück)

Large cat litter mat with paw-flattering soft-touch surface and collection tray. Collects litter...

€21.35 *
Content 1 Stück
Fun&Tasty Paw Fun&Tasty Paw

Mat to occupy the dog, supports slow eating

€4.69 * €8.95 *
Kitty's Cream Ice Pop Mould Kitty's Cream Ice Pop Mould

for the preparation of delicious ice creations in cat form for humans and cats

€2.15 * €4.95 *
Cat toilet Cat Residence grey Cat toilet Cat Residence grey

Multifunctional and modern cat toilet with double-door design and active carbon filter

€74.60 *
Seesaw feather Seesaw feather

Playing rod with natural feathers for cats

€10.60 *
Porta Pellis Porta Pellis (20 l)

Natural dust free litter made of dried wheat straw

From €7.30 *
Content 20 l (€0.37 * / 1 l)
Different variants available
Carnaval Carnaval

Playing rod with feathers and spiral spring

€8.55 *
Colibri Colibri

Playing rod with feathers and pearls in the rod

€9.20 *
Flying Bird Flying Bird

Playing rod with selfrotating feather for cats

€10.60 *
Medusa Medusa

Playing rod with colorful feathers for cats

€10.60 *
Katzenstreu Schaufel rot Seite Cat Litter Scoops

Cat Litter Scoop for fine litter

€1.55 *
Different variants available
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Burning Flame Burning Flame

Playing rod with feathers and curly ribbons for cats

€10.65 *
Diva Diva

Playing rod with colorful feathers and lametta for cats

€10.65 *
Indian Summer Indian Summer

Playing rod with soft natural feathers for cats

€12.80 *
Mystic Long Feather Mystic Long Feather

Playing rod with natural colored feathers for cats

€10.65 *
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