Top Pets - TOPBox XL + Ultimate Eco Cat 5L + 10L

TOPBox XL + Ultimate Eco Cat 5L + 10L
TOPBox XL Cat litter tray (anthracite-grey) Modern square cat toilet system + 15 L Ultimate Eco Cat Paperbag a 100% natural cat litter - fine, firm clumping and compostable for minimum waste.
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TOPBox (anthracite-grey) The Top Box cat litter box combines an innovative shape with a... more
TOPBox (anthracite-grey)

The Top Box cat litter box combines an innovative shape with a stylish look. Its spacious interior offers your house cat plenty of room to turn and rotate, so that even the toilet becomes a feel-good place. The Top Box is also visually appealing with its modern, square design, with which it can be ideally integrated into any living room. With a perfect size of 48x48x48 cm (LxWxH), your cat enters the Top Box from above. On the one hand, this has the advantage of offering the cat privacy and a safe environment in which to do business undisturbed. On the other hand, the Top Box also provides enough space for digging without messing the surroundings with cat litter. When leaving the toilet, also through the opening at the top, the lid with its narrow holes prevents any litter residues adhering to the paws from being spread in the apartment. These fall directly back into the toilet.

MEASURES: 48x48x48 cm (LxWxH) | 18.9''x18.9''x18.9'' (LxWxH)

- extra large, but space-saving
- includes litter liner (with hand straps) and litter scoop
- privacy for your cat
- easy to handle, easy to clean
- provides a clean apartment and a clean cat corner
- solid safety of the lid (closure and 4 fixing points)

Ultimate Eco Cat is a 100% natural, compostable cat litter made from plant fibres with a unique, particularly fine texture. This ensures that clumps are formed quickly and firmly, odours are neutralised and waste is reduced to a minimum. The light colouring of the granulate supports a clean living feeling and makes it possible to quickly recognise discolourations in the urine and thus diseases of the cat's bladder and kidney.

- 100% natural & compostable
- Environmentally friendly, ecological and safe
- Optimal odour binding
- Absolutely dust-free (despite fine granulation) and therefore also ideally suited for allergy sufferers Quick lump formation - up to 3x more efficient than conventional clumping litter Especially fine
- Can be disposed of in compost or toilet*.
- Bright colouring to detect unusual colouring in the urine
- Especially gentle on sensitive cat paws
- Recommended for adult cats & kittens (also ideal for longhaired cat breeds) 480% absorbency
- Grain size 0.2 - 0.9 mm (85%)
- Density 0.77 kg per litre
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TOPBox XL Cat litter tray (anthracite-grey) CLEANING: Cleaning the toilet is a simple and... more
TOPBox XL Cat litter tray (anthracite-grey)

Cleaning the toilet is a simple and clean matter. Remove the lid and clean the toilet as usual with the practical and sturdy litter scoop. This is included in the scope of supply and can be attached to the toilet wall. The scratch-resistant litter liner adapts perfectly to the Top Box thanks to an edge reinforcement and provides optimal protection. In the case of complete cleaning, the liner can simply be removed using the two handles to dispose of the litter. Then simply clean the liner under running water, put it back in the Top Box after drying and fill it with fresh litter (recommended filling height: 8-10 cm/3.1''- 3.9'').
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