Schulze's Best - Ice cream mix 90

Ice cream mix for dogs made from 100% chicken - No added sugar, no flavor enhancers, highly digestible and high in protein.
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Easy-to-make ice cream mix and healthy cooling for real meat lovers. No added sugar, no flavour enhancers! Highly digestible and rich in protein to strengthen muscle and bone structure.

The ice mould is not included and can be purchased separately.

With the Superfood ice cream mix you can make your four-legged friend a tasty and healthy ice cream in no time at all as a special reward or refreshing cooling on hot summer days.
An ice cream that is supposed to be healthy? The Superfood ice cream mix is a fine powder made from 100% pure, dried chicken meat and contains neither flavour enhancers nor any preservatives or additives. This natural composition follows the natural diet of cats and dogs and provides your pet with valuable animal proteins that help build and regenerate muscles and bones. On hot summer days, the ice provides internal cooling and supplies your pet with additional fluids to protect against dehydration.

The Superfood ice cream mix is also a true delicacy even when not frozen. For example, the powder can be mixed into the regular feed as a refinement. Or it can be sprinkled into the water to promote the drinking behaviour of your pet. Make sure to always provide your pet with fresh water every day.

Due to its natural composition, the Superfood ice cream mix is also ideal for cats and dogs with food intolerances. Also suitable as a supplement and treat when you are raw feeding.

Making ice cream from the Superfood ice cream mix is quick and easy:
Mix with water, let it swell briefly, freeze it... That's it!

- Made from 100% chicken
- Rich in animal proteins
- To support a healthy muscle and bone structure
- Frozen and unfrozen a delicacy
- No artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or additives
- Sugar-free
- Made in Germany
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Chicken breast meat 100%

Analytical constituents:
Protein 85%, Fat content 2.5%, Crude fibres 1%, Crude ash 4.5%, Moisture 8%
Feeding recommendation
In relation to the size of classic ice cubes is recommended:

cats and small dogs: 1-2 ice cubes per day
Medium-sized dogs: 2-5 ice cubes per day
Large dogs: 4-7 ice cubes per day
The Superfood ice cream mix is a powder - made from 100% pure chicken - from which you can make a delicious ice cream for your cat or dog in no time at all.

And it's as simple as that:

1. Mix 5g Superfood ice cream powder with 25ml of cold water.

2. Let it swell for two to three minutes.

3. Pour the mixture into an ice mould (not included) and place it in the freezer. Depending on the size of the ice mould, the ice cream is frozen in 2-5 hours.


70g of Superfood ice cream mix makes approx. 350ml of delicious ice cream for your furry friends.

TIP: For cats and dogs which don't like it cold, the ice cream mixture is a real delicacy even when unfrozen. In addition, the powder can also be mixed with regular food for refinement. This way you increase the meat content of the feed and provide your pet with additional valuable proteins that strengthen a healthy muscle and bone structure.
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