Double Action Dental Chew

Innovative chew toy with flavor. The soft blue center tastes like mint, while the strong nylon ends of the chew have ham flavor. Chewing on the toy reduces tartar and makes fresh breath. Available in three different variants with different middle part optimized for dogs of each size.
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Nylabone ́s chewing bones are made from extra strong nylon and therefore are specially suitable for powerful chewers. The Double Action Dental Chew is a chewing bone with ham flavor, which is deliciously appealing to your dog. The ends are made of the strong, durable nylon with ham aroma, while the middle piece is made of soft rubber. With each of the three different varieties, the middle piece has a different shape and thus brings a lot of varience and fun. Not only does it bring variety when one judges by the outward appearance, it also brings change concerning the taste. It's minty taste corresponds well with it's positive influence on dental hygiene. The three different varieties are designed for the optimal usage of different dogs. While the spiky ball is best used by dogs up to 11kg, the round ball is perfectly fine to be used by dogs up to 23kg. The football is designed for bigger dogs, starting at 23kg.

- Chewing bone with ham flavor
- Extremely strong nylon for powerful chewers
- Soft rubber center with tooth cleaning effect
- Mint flavour for a fresh breath
- Available in three different sizes
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