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Cat hygiene complete - package

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Cat hygiene complete - package
Cat hygiene complete - package
Professional Classic Active Carbon
Professional Classic Active Carbon Streu
Omega Vorlegematte
Set consisting of cat litter with highly effective odor control as well as excellent lump formation + Self-cleaning litter box with side entry + Front mat.
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Cat hygiene complete package
The Roll 'N Clean cat toilet system makes for easy and clean handling. Simply turn the toilet from one side to the other. By turning, the clean litter remains in the toilet, the lumps end up in the collection container. This is very easy to empty and clean. For a quick and pleasant cleaning of the toilet!

- Self-cleaning cat toilet
- Pull-out drawer for the litter clumps
- Easy and effective cleaning
- Patented, innovative design
- Overall dimensions (regular): approx. 48x41x40 cm (LxWxH)
- Overall dimensions (L): approx. 57x50x47 cm (LxWxH)
- Inner dimensions with grid insert (regular): approx. 31,5x35x39 cm (LxWxH)
- Inner dimensions with grid insert (L): ca. 35x41x46 cm (LxWxH)
- Entrance (regular): 17x19 cm (LxH), entrance opening: approx. 16 cm
- Entrance (L): 23x25 cm (LxH), entrance opening: approx. 20 cm
- New closures for comfortable connection of the bottom with the lid
- New partition grid with hinges for more stability
- More stable plastic walls of the top and bottom for more stability

Especially when several cats live in one household, a cat litter with highly effective odor control as well as excellent lump formation is indispensable for the well-being of humans and animals.
Professional Classic Carbon was created especially for this challenge. The added activated carbon acts like a natural odor filter and reliably binds all unpleasant odors without the addition of artificial fragrances. The result is a long-lasting freshness that will delight even discerning cat noses. The high-quality bentonite is dust-free and particularly absorbent. The excellent lump formation ensures a particularly high yield. 14 liters of this litter are about as productive as 50 liters of a conventional clumping litter.
The purely natural activated carbon is obtained from the renewable and thus ecologically valuable raw material coconut shells and is produced CO2-neutral.
The litter of the extended Professional Classic product line convinces with the following properties:

- 380% absorbency
- Optimal odor binding due to activated carbon
- Excellent lump formation
- Economical consumption
- 99% free of dust
- Fragrance free
- Made from high quality premium bentonite

The Omega litter mat in an attractive paw design is made of safe and durable rubber. Stray particles that get stuck to the paws are efficiently caught.

- attractive design
- simple and effective

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1. Fill the litter box with cat litter up to a litter height of 5-7 cm (If you notice that your cat likes to dig deeper holes or the clumps stick to the toilet floor, you can also increase the filling height to 10 cm).

2. Clean the litter box daily by removing the litter clumps and excrements with a litter shovel. (The clumps can be disposed of in the household waste bin or, in the case of vegetable cat litter, in compost, organic waste bin or in the house toilette - please consider the local disposal regulations).

3. Refill the litter box with the litter to maintain the recommended litter height (step 1).

4. Carry out a complete cleaning of the litter box on a regular basis (about 1x per week). Dispose of the litter according to the local disposal regulations and clean the litter box with warm water and some soap or a similar gentle cleaning agent. Dry the litter box completely before you start again with step 1.

The disposal of litter clumps happend in residual waste / household waste. Never dispose of litter clumps in the household toilet.

If you change your cat litter to another product or brand, it is recommended that you mix the two types of litter together first. This will give your cat enough time to get used to the new litter - cats don't like drastic changes. Gradually increase the amount of the new litter in the litter tray. This will allow you to change the litter step by step.

- For the best clumping result and due to the different grain-size of natural litter we recommend you to mix the cat litter before the first use.
- Since it is a natural product, there may be little differences in colour every batch.
- For optimal hygiene, remove the clumps daily and clean your cat's litter box frequently.
- Store the litter in a dry place.
- Due to the often high humidity in bathrooms, it is not advisable to place the litter box there.
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22 Aug 2023

Gesucht und gefunden und zufrieden

Ich suchte ein neues Katzenklo für Klumpstreu und einfacher Reinigung, aber ohne elektrische Automatik. Gefunden habe ich diesen Artikel. Nach komplikationslosem Bestell- und Bezahlvorgang kam der Artikel innerhalb von 2 Tage bei mir tadellos verpackt und unfallfrei an. Der Aufbau ging schnell. Ab Bestellung bis zur Ankunft wurde man stets per Mail auf dem Laufenden gehalten. Nach Ankunft gabs eine Rechnung online. Über die Sendungsnummer konnte man den Lieferverlauf ebenfalls verfolgen. Meine Katze saß zwar noch neugierig davor, aber jetzt mit einem "Löffelchen" voll altem, benutzem Streu aus dem bisherigen Katzenklo benutzt sie es auch. Das Katzenklo ist in der Größe L, etwas groß für meine alte Lady, aber ich möchte mir demnächst eine größere Katzenrasse zulegen, da wird das perfekt passen.

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