Kitten - Everything for small cats with big demands

Cats are particularly demanding animals when it comes to food, sleeping space and the cat litter they use. In order to offer your pet only the best products right from the start, we have put together a small selection of particularly recommendable products for your little darling.  

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Tunnel system complete package Tunnel system complete package

Tunnel for cats built of three elements with a free catnip cat toy

€129.00 * €201.37 *
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SoftCat Papierbeutel 9,5 Liter SoftCat in a paper bag (9.5 l)

Natural Cat Litter with special clumping characteristics - in ecological paper packaging

From €15.95 *
Content 9.5 l (€1.68 * / 1 l)
Different variants available
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Cat toilet Cat Residence grey Cat toilet Cat Residence grey

Multifunctional and modern cat toilet with double-door design and active carbon filter

€54.54 * €69.70 *
Classic Eco Cat paperbag Classic Eco Cat paperbag (15 l)

Classic Eco Cat in a 15L paper bag is a 100% vegetable cat litter. The completely ecological and...

€24.95 *
Content 15 l (€1.66 * / 1 l)
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Swan Plastic 2,36 L whit Swan Plastic 2,36 L whit

Stylish plastic drinking fountain for dogs and Cats

€48.50 *
Kitty's Farm - Kitten Kitty's Farm - Kitten (0.4 kg)

Complete food for kittens with high meat content & proteins for a healthy growth, grain-free

€6.95 *
Content 0.4 kg (€17.38 * / 1 kg)
Porta Maus Porta Maus

Motorized hunting toy in the shape of a mouse

From €7.12 * €11.50 *
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Catsby's Bowl leer Catsby's Bowl

Stainless steel feeding bowl for cats

€21.95 *
pEi pod pink/pink pillow pEi pod pink/pink pillow

Sleeping space for cats and small dogs in egg shape with additional cushion to change

€89.00 *
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Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag

€29.96 * €39.95 *
Sticky Paws On A Roll Sticky Paws On A Roll

Anti-scratch strips on the roll to protect the furniture

€13.75 *
Feline Chicken with Rice - Kitten Feline Chicken with Rice - Kitten (90 g)

Complementary food with juicy chicken strips and rice for Kitten

From €1.30 *
Content 90 g (€1.44 * / 100 g)
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Feline Chicken w. Rice - Kitten - 100g Feline Chicken w. Rice - Kitten - 100g (100 g)

Complementary food in a pouch - with juicy chicken strips and rice for kitten

From €1.50 *
Content 100 g
Feline Finest Kitten Feline Finest Kitten (0.5 kg)

Complete food for kittens and pregnant cats with high-quality poultry meat and fish

From €4.95 *
Content 0.5 kg (€9.90 * / 1 kg)
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Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg

Gamma2, Vittles Vault food bin made of food grade plastic, airtight, watertight. Size L 30cm, W...

€19.50 *
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Which products can be used to support kittens in the first months of life? 

As a cat owner, you want to do everything right from the start and offer your young cat exactly the environment it needs. That's why it makes sense to find out exactly what kittens need. The requirements in the first days and weeks of a cat's life are of course completely different from those of growing and adult cats. As the owner of a kitten, you have to consider many things to give the little kittens the best possible start in life. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful products for this early stage of the cat's life that will help the kitten develop into a healthy young animal. There is a wide range of special products for kittens. That is why we advise you: Don't be put off by the wide range on offer. Instead, look at which products are really useful and make sure they are of high quality. We would like to focus on three areas and introduce you to some products that you can use to support your little one in the first phase of life.   

1) What to look for when feeding kittens?

During the first days, weeks and months of a cat's life, proper nutrition is of paramount importance. Under normal circumstances, you as the cat owner do not need to take any action during the first days and weeks, as long as a kitten is suckled by its mother. It is only when the mother's milk starts to decrease that you need to slowly start supplementary feeding. This usually happens after about 6 - 8 weeks. When feeding begins, it is important to make sure that special food for kittens is fed. This should be maintained even after the complete changeover from milk to food. Under no circumstances should kittens be fed directly with food for adult cats. Kittens have a different metabolism as well as special needs for ingredients, which are optimally served by specially adapted kitten food. Only after about 7 months should the kitten food be changed to an adult food. In the early phase of life, it is advisable to offer as wide a range of wet and dry food as possible, so that cats will also eat both types of food later on and not become too choosy. Our recommendation is the wet food Feline Chicken with Rice - Kitten as well as the dry food Feline Finest - Kitten. Of course, especially with kittens, sufficient water intake must be ensured. 

2) What is the right cat litter for kittens?

Regardless of age, cats are usually very particular about their litter. To get a cat used to a litter tray for the first time, the right litter is a very decisive factor. A cat that feels comfortable with the litter will become housebroken more quickly than a cat that does not. There are many different types of litter, but not all of them are equally suitable for kittens. For young cats, it is advisable to choose a natural litter over a bentonite litter. This is because young kittens are curious and often try and nibble on things in their environment. If kittens swallow bentonite pellets, this can be dangerous. There is a risk of the pellets getting stuck in the throat and choking the kitten. Swallowed pellets can also cause pain and discomfort. This can be avoided by using natural vegetable litter, which can be swallowed safely. In addition, natural litter is much finer in grain size, which is preferred by most kittens. There are also different grades of organic litter. Our recommendation is the organic litter SoftCat and Classic Eco Cat, which have a fine grain and are characterised by excellent lump formation. 

3) How do you create the right environment for kittens?

A nest with sufficient warmth is prepared for kittens by their mother in the first days. Especially when the little cats become more independent and enterprising, it is all the more important to provide places of comfort and retreat. The preferences of cats are very individual in this respect, but most cats like it warm and cosy. Our recommendation is therefore a cat sleeping bag or a cat tunnel in which little explorers can play, but also find peace. 

Little cats turn their environment into a playground and almost nothing is safe from them. The right toy can help direct the play and protect the furnishings. Toys must be particularly tempting and at the same time stable. The often impetuous house cats want to try out their claws, and their milk teeth are also particularly sharp. A chase toy like the Porta Mouse or Kitty Boinks guarantee a lot of fun. If you want to protect your furniture from the play instinct of the growing cat, Sticky Paws On A Roll are a good choice to protect the upholstered furniture. If you have any questions about our range of kitten toys, please do not hesitate to contact us.