Variety of cat toys for chasing and cuddling

Playing is in the cat's nature. Our wide range of high-quality cat toys cater to the most diverse preferences of your pussycat.

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Yeowww! peeled Banana Yeowww! peeled Banana (1 Stück)

Catnip filled bananas

€16.95 *
Content 1 Stück
Yeowww! Catnip Buds Katzenminze Yeowww! Catnip Buds (10 g)

Fresh and natural herbs to stimulate play behaviour in cats

€12.80 *
Content 10 g (€1.28 * / 1 g)
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Yeowww Stinies gelb Detailansicht Yeowww! Stinkies

Catnip filled cloth sardine

€4.95 *
Different variants available
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Yeowww Katzenminze Sonne Mond und Sterne Verpackung Yeowww! Sun, Moon & Stars (1 Stück)

100% Organic Catnip Filled Sun, Moon & Star

€21.35 *
Content 1 Stück
Yeowww! Pineapple Yeowww! Pineapple (1 Stück)

The Pineapple’s durable cotton twill cover is stuffed to the core with a whopping 1.45 ounces of...

€12.40 *
Content 1 Stück
Nekochan Katzentunnel Komplettsystem Tunnel system complete package

Cat tunnel complete package of three elements that can be combined and free catnip toy. The...

€215.50 *
Yeowww! Kissen mit Katzenminze gelb Yeowww! Pillows

Catnip filled pillow

€5.95 *
Different variants available
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Mouse in a pouch Detail Mouse in a pouch

Electronic cat-mouse-game

€30.25 *
Scratch Disk Scratch Disk

Scratch disk for cats

€32.00 *
Carnaval Carnaval

Cheerful cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm is a spiral...

€8.55 *
Colibri Colibri

Exotic cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm colorful...

€9.20 *
Flying Bird Flying Bird

Cat play fishing rod with rotating natural springs and extra flexible rod. The self-rotating...

€10.60 *
Medusa Medusa

Simple cat play rod with very fine colored feathers for fun and employment

€10.60 *
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Tail Spin & Chase Tail Spin & Chase

Electronic chase toy with mutiple speed settings

€44.30 *
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Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

Electronic bird in a cage with sound

€25.30 *
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Why do cats need lots of exercise?

Cats are playful and have a strong urge to move. Kittens in particular learn a lot through exercise, especially romping and roughhousing with siblings. Outdoor cats get much of their needed exercise in nature. There they hunt mice, rodents and birds or play with other cats. However, even outdoor cats need extra exercise when they are not outside. This is when cat owners are challenged to play with their pets or offer them something to do. Playing together not only strengthens the bond between humans and pets, but is also great fun for both sides. A certain assortment of cat toys is therefore part of the basic equipment of every cat household. To choose the right toy, cat toys should meet certain quality standards as well as the individual requirements of your cat.


What do cats expect from cat toys?

Cats love things that make exciting noises. Especially if they sound like the movements and sounds of potential prey in the wild. Therefore: If cat toys make similar rustling or crackling noises, they are particularly interesting for cats. The same applies to unexpected movements. If a toy hooks, like a fleeing animal in nature, the hunting instinct of the cat is directly addressed. If cats are offered few such acoustic or visual stimuli, they tend to go in search of them themselves. This often results in damage to sofas, cushions or curtains. These can quickly be scratched or completely destroyed when the cat plays. When cats ruin a piece of furniture, this is almost always due to the animal's boredom, and cat owners who create a less filling environment for cats are therefore to some extent partly to blame. That's why playful stimuli for self-occupation with suitable toys are the right way to keep a cat occupied.


What are the differences in cat toys?

To keep cats busy, there are a number of different cat toys that will help your pet stay active and healthy. Our cat toys are suitable for all cats, whether young or old, healthy or sick. You can choose the right toy depending on your cat's preferences in our shop.


Toys for humans and cats

Cats are loyal and affectionate animals that like to spend time together with humans. The "classic" cat toy for playing together is the play rod. These are available in a wide variety of designs and colours. But the principle is always the same. The human holds a stick with a string attached, which the cat chases. For additional variety, accessories such as pendants can be attached to many cat fishing rods. This can create even more resemblance to prey animals and encourage the cat to hunt even more intensively.


Electronic cat toys

If the cat is to be kept busy on its own, electronic toys are a good choice. These are characterised by unpredictable noises and movements, which are particularly appealing to cats. Therefore, cats are usually very intensively occupied with motorised toys. This means great play fun as long as the battery lasts. Especially pleasant for cat owners is the knowledge of a distracted cat, even if you don't have time sometimes.


Play dens and cat tunnels

Cats love to hide. Cats especially like to do this in cosy play dens and tunnels. Several cats can chase each other through the cat tunnels or one cat retreats alone into a cave. These toys are used by cats very individually as a playground or also as a cat bed.


Cat toys with catnip

Catnip has both an attractive and a calming effect on cats. That's why catnip-filled toys are especially good for keeping cats busy and calming them down. Cats will chew, cuddle and chase catnip-filled toys. Preferably all at the same time.

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