Cat litter tray and cat toilet for hygienic cleanliness

The cat toilet is one of the basic equipment of every cat household. As each cat has its own preferences, you will find exactly the model that perfectly fits into your household, from the simple open litter box that fits unobtrusively and space-saving in the corner - to litter boxes with activated carbon filter, to the modern and stylish litter box in which you can dig to your heart's content.


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Cat hygiene complete - package Cat hygiene complete - package

Set consisting of cat litter with highly effective odor control as well as excellent lump...

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Cat toilet Cat Residence grey Cat toilet Cat Residence grey

Multifunctional and modern cat toilet with double-door design and active carbon filter

€74.60 *
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Roll 'N Clean brown - litter box Roll 'N Clean brown - litter box

Easily cleanable cat toilette with side entrance

From €70.60 *
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Sturdi Box black Sturdi Box black

Foldable litter tray ideal for on the go

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Modern square cat toilet system

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SmartCat Corner Litter Box SmartCat Corner Litter Box

Triangular open cat litter box

€26.15 *
TOPBox Liner TOPBox Liner

Replacement liner for the TOP BOX cat toilette

€23.50 *
TOPBox Grid TOPBox Grid

Replacment grid for the TOP BOX cat toilette

€23.15 *

Why is it important for cats to have a litter tray?

A litter tray is an important part of a cat's life as a place of retreat and without a litter tray, cats will defecate in undesirable places. This is unpleasant and unhygienic for the cats and especially for your household. It is much easier and more pleasant to buy a litter tray and keep it clean than to have to clean up the cat's mess in your home. Regardless of whether you have one or more cats or whether your cat is an outdoor or indoor cat, a litter tray is part of the basic equipment of every cat household.


Which litter tray is right for my household?

When looking for the right litter tray, you will quickly realise that there is a seemingly endless range of different litter trays. There are visual differences in shape, colour and material, but also practical and functional differences in the use of the litter tray. Which litter tray suits you best is ultimately determined by three factors.

What are the conditions in the home?

What requirements does the cat have?

Which litter tray does your cat like best?

It's up to you to answer the first and second questions, but the all-important third question about liking is the most difficult to answer. First of all, you should look at how much space you have available for a litter tray, as litter trays come in all sizes from space-saving to space-consuming. For example, if you need a certain shape because the litter tray has to fit into a niche or if the litter tray must not exceed a certain height, then you should take this into account directly when choosing. Also consider how many cats you have. If you have more than one animal, it is advisable to buy an appropriately large litter tray. Even if your cat is large and heavy rather than light, you should opt for a larger model. Regardless of all the factors that need to be considered in advance, everything that pleases a cat remains decisive. You can rely on our experience in this respect. Instead of an infinite choice, our shop offers only a small selection of positively tested models. These are also explained with videos to make your decision easier. Should you have any further questions, we will of course be happy to answer them.


What is the right place for a cat litter box?

Cats like privacy. Especially to do their emergency toilet. In this respect, cats are very similar to other animals and humans. This means that, if possible, you should choose a quiet, even secluded place for the litter tray. If the place is too busy for the cat to get enough peace and quiet or lacks the desired privacy, this can lead to the litter tray not being accepted. Well-suited places can be, for example, cellar rooms or larger storage rooms. A very common mistake is to put litter trays in the bathroom. Due to the lack of other options or the fact that the floor is often tiled, this choice seems obvious at first. However, bathrooms often have high humidity due to washing, bathing and showering. This can have the undesirable effect that the litter in the litter tray reacts with the humid air or with condensation and begins to clump. This problem is even greater with open litter trays than with closed models into which the cats enter, such as the Cat Residence litter tray.

What types of litter trays are available?

Open litter trays

The most common litter tray is the "classic" open litter tray. This type of litter tray comes in different shapes, sizes and colours. When buying one, you should make sure that a practical marking indicates the optimum filling height of the litter so that you can easily fill it with the right amount of cat litter every time. In addition, a raised rim prevents too much litter from falling onto the floor when digging or scratching. Open litter boxes are usually the less expensive litter box. Another advantage of open litter trays is that they can be cleaned quickly without having to remove a lid, for example. A disadvantage is that this type of litter tray offers less opportunity for retreat and that it might therefore be more poorly accepted than a closed model.

Closed litter trays

A closed litter tray is a litter tray with a lid or bonnet that cats can enter either from above or through an entrance at the front. The enclosed space offers cats a real place of retreat, which is gratefully accepted by the vast majority of cats. A variant of the closed litter box is the self-cleaning litter box, such as the Roll'n Clean model. This can simply be turned upside down, whereby the clumped litter gets caught in a grid and can thus be removed easily without coming into contact with lumps during cleaning. Classically, the lids of closed cat toilets can be removed or folded in so that cleaning is no problem here either. With particularly high-quality litter boxes such as the Cat Residence, ventilation via an activated charcoal filter also ensures good air inside and outside the litter box.

Litter trays for travelling

For travelling, there are practical litter trays that can be folded into a handy size. These practical travel companions are identical to open litter trays in terms of handling and filling. Our tip for cats on the move is the Sturdi Box.