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Classic Sensation - Lavender 12 kg Classic Sensation - Lavender 12 kg (12 kg)

Premium clumping litter made of natural bentonite with lavender scent. For strong suction, firm...

€14.95 *
Content 12 kg (€1.25 * / 1 kg)
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Cat hygiene complete - package Cat hygiene complete - package

Set consisting of cat litter with highly effective odor control as well as excellent lump...

€124.20 *
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SoftCat Corn 9,5l Papierbeutel SoftCat - Corn - paper bag (9.5 l)

Natural cat litter made from corn plant - Biodegradable litter, especially fine and soft on paws....

From €15.95 *
Content 9.5 l (€1.68 * / 1 l)
Different variants available
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Prof. Classic absorber (14 kg) Prof. Classic absorber (14 kg) (14 kg)

Fine cat litter scented with biological odour Absorber - in a foil bag

€16.75 *
Content 14 kg (€1.20 * / 1 kg)
Prof. Classic baby powder (14kg) Prof. Classic baby powder (14kg) (14 kg)

Fine cat litter scented with baby powder - in a foil bag

€16.75 *
Content 14 kg (€1.20 * / 1 kg)
Prof. Classic Active Carbon 14 kg Prof. Classic Active Carbon 14 kg (14 kg)

Cat litter with highly effective odour control and excellent lump formation

€17.95 *
Content 14 kg (€1.28 * / 1 kg)
Prof. Classic - White 12 kg Prof. Classic - White 12 kg (12 kg)

Extra light bentonite cat litter with baby powder scent. The high-yield and absorbent litter...

€16.55 *
Content 12 kg (€1.38 * / 1 kg)
Ultimate Eco Cat - paper bag Ultimate Eco Cat - paper bag (5 l)

Ultimate Eco Cat in a 5 L paper bag is a 100% natural cat litter - fine, firm clumping and...

From €19.95 *
Content 5 l (€3.99 * / 1 l)
Different variants available
66 Days 66 days - paper bag 14L (14 l)

Mineral clumping litter made of bentonite with cotton scent - in ecological paper packaging

€13.95 *
Content 14 l (€1.00 * / 1 l)
Professional Classic Absorber Paperbag 7Kg Prof.Classic absorber - paper bag (7 kg)

Mineral premium cat litter made of bentonite with biological odour absorber - in ecological paper...

From €10.65 *
Content 7 kg (€1.52 * / 1 kg)
Different variants available
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Professional Classic Baby Powder 7Kg Prof.Classic babypowd. - paper bag (7 kg)

Fine cat litter scented with baby powder - in ecological paper packaging

From €10.65 *
Content 7 kg (€1.52 * / 1 kg)
Different variants available
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SoftCat Grass 3er Pack mit Matte SoftCat 17 L - pack of 3 + floor mat (51 l)

Natural cat litter with special clumping characteristics in a pack of 3 incl. one Omega mat in...

€85.50 *
Content 51 l (€1.68 * / 1 l)
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SoftCat - GRASS - paper bag SoftCat - GRASS - paper bag (9.5 l)

Natural Cat Litter with special clumping characteristics - in ecological paper packaging

From €17.95 *
Content 9.5 l (€1.89 * / 1 l)
Different variants available
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Cat litter Top Classic 14 kg Cat litter Top Classic 14 kg (14 kg)

Top Classic is an economical bentonite cat litter with high absorption capacity and low...

€16.75 *
Content 14 kg
Cat litter Mrs. White 14 kg Cat litter Mrs. White 14 kg (14 kg)

Mrs White is a particularly light-coloured clumping litter with a pleasant lavender scent and...

€12.95 *
Content 14 kg (€0.93 * / 1 kg)
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Cat litter

As a manufacturer of premium cat litter, we have specialised in the development of different types of litter that meet the requirements of both cat owners and their pets. Of course, the aspects of animal health and environmental compatibility are also in the foreground with our cat litter. We are also driven by the question of how we can improve the lives of cats and cat owners with our litter.

As a professional in the field of cat litter, we are of course aware of the difficulties cat owners face when choosing the right product. The choice of litter in the supermarket is huge and when shopping online it becomes even more so. For this reason, we would like to provide you with comprehensive information and are of course available to answer any questions you may have about our litter range.

Which cat litter is the right one for your cat?

There are many qualitative and quantitative clues that make it complicated to find the right cat litter. However, most cat owners are aware that the quality of cat litter is crucial when it comes to preventing odours and removing pathogens. Therefore, the choice of litter is not only of great importance for the animal, but also for every cat owner.

What should you consider when choosing the right cat litter?

Our tips:

  • Think about yourself and not only about your cat.
  • If you live on a higher floor, for example, or if you have to cover longer distances when shopping, e.g. from your car to your home, then you should bear in mind that the weight of litter can vary greatly with comparable performance. Natural litter is lighter than bentonite litter. But even with natural cat litter, there are still differences in weight. A particularly light litter is our SoftCat brand organic litter.
  • Do you have health problems such as asthma that should be taken into account?
  • When pouring the litter into the litter tray as well as when emptying it, dust can form depending on the litter. This can be particularly unpleasant for asthmatics. If you have such problems, you should prefer a dust-free natural litter to bentonite litter.
  • Are you particularly sensitive to odours or do you have certain preferences when it comes to the smell of the litter tray?
  • It goes without saying that a litter should optimally absorb the smell of urine and faeces. However, a litter can also smell like pine needles, grass or baby powder. Therefore, you should be aware of the importance that odour has for you personally and which scent you would find pleasant in your home.
  • What is your budget?

Of course you want the best for your cat, but the litter you choose should fit your budget. It should be taken into account that a litter needs to be refilled regularly, of course. If your cat has grown fond of a litter, it would be a shame if it had to get used to a new litter for cost reasons. However, it is worth taking a closer look, because often more expensive litter turns out to be extremely economical in use and therefore less cost-intensive in the long run than some cheap litter.

Why does my cat reject cat litter?

Cats are very individual creatures and therefore it is impossible to develop a specific cat litter suitable for every cat. That's why you should be suspicious of less reputable manufacturers with such product promises. Every cat is individual in its preferences but also in its dislikes regarding cat litter.

A very central point is the sensitivity of the cat's paw. Some cats have particularly sensitive paws and therefore prefer a very fine organic litter to a harder bentonite litter. There are also differences in the fineness of organic litter. Particularly noteworthy are Ultimate Eco Cat and Classic Eco Cat.

But odour can also play a role, and cats may find a scented bentonite litter more appealing than a natural litter, or vice versa.

Cats are creatures of habit, so it can happen that cats initially reject a new litter, even though it seems to be better in all decisive aspects. In this case, it often helps to give the cat a little time to get used to a new litter. Cats also like to scratch in the litter and discover their new litter for themselves. To do this, simply fill the litter tray with the new litter and add a layer of the old litter on top. When the cat digs in the litter, it will uncover the new litter and in most cases will accept this "found" litter afterwards.

Why is it worthwhile to use a good cat litter?

  1. Hygiene
    Only if a litter binds optimally is it ensured that the cat does not spread urine or faeces residues with its paws in the flat.
  2. Yield
    High-quality cat litter is characterised by particularly firm lumps that can be easily removed from the litter tray with a litter scoop. There is little loss, as only as much litter needs to be refilled as was removed by the lump.
  3. Clumping
    Good clumping is probably the most important factor of a clumping litter. Regardless of whether it is a bentonite litter or a bio litter. But especially with natural litter, extreme differences in quality can be seen in this area. Many low-quality natural litters form a kind of lump, but this is often very unstable and can easily crumble when you try to remove it from the litter tray. This makes cleaning more difficult and the litter is less productive, as you have to remove litter over a larger area.
  4. Disposal
    Bentonite cat litter must be disposed of with the residual waste, while our organic litter can be disposed of with organic waste, compost or the toilet. In this respect, organic litter has a clear advantage, as it does not take up space or add weight to household waste. The environmentally friendly paper bags are also easy to dispose of via the paper waste.

What are the differences between organic cat litter and bentonite cat litter?

Mineral cat litter

Mineral cat litter, mostly consisting of bentonite, is available as clumping litter as well as non-clumping litter. In general, mineral litter has good odour-binding properties. In general, the finer the cat litter, the smaller the clumps.


Bentonite is formed by the weathering of volcanic ash and is a mixture of various clay minerals, whereby the most important component, montmorillonite, is primarily responsible for the very high water absorption and swelling capacity.


Mineral cat litters are relatively inexpensive to buy and can be found in all well-known supermarkets and drugstores.


Mineral cat litters are sometimes associated with health problems. Likewise, disposal is less environmentally friendly compared to organic litter. Despite the largely purely natural, and not environmentally harmful, contents, bentonite litter does not decompose and therefore pollutes household waste... Another disadvantage of bentonite litter compared to natural litter is its usability for kittens. While natural litter can be tried by kittens without hesitation, swallowing bentonite balls can be quite life-threatening for young cats due to their size, shape and the strong water binding.

Natural cat litter

Natural cat litter made from wood, corn, sugar beet, straw and other plant materials is becoming increasingly popular with environmentally conscious cat owners.

Advantages of natural litter

The litter is completely biodegradable, so it can be disposed of in organic waste and, after consultation with local utilities, also in the toilet. Basically, biological litter differs in its composition, which results in differences in dust formation, liquid absorption, odour formation and odour absorption. Our natural cat litter contains no harmful substances, forms practically no dust and can be eaten by kittens without hesitation. In addition, biological cat litter is considerably lighter than bentonite litter with a comparable yield.

Disadvantages of natural cat litter

The initial filling, especially of large litter trays such as the Top Box, is more expensive with a biological litter than with bentonite litter. The follow-up costs are also somewhat higher with biological litter than with bentonite litter, which is comparable in performance.