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Portapet Food Container square 25 kg Portapet Food Container square 25 kg

Extra large opening with screw cap Size: L35 cm, W35 cm, H51 cm

€41.75 *
Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg

Gamma2, Vittles Vault food bin made of food grade plastic, airtight, watertight. Size L 30cm, W...

€20.90 *

Why do you need dog food boxes?

Food boxes are used for the optimal storage of dry food and snacks for dogs. Every dog owner who feeds dry food surely asks himself at some point about the optimal storage of food. It is rather impractical to leave the dry food in the bag after tearing it open. Since dog food bags are not resealable, this has some disadvantages. For one thing, the open bag permanently gives off the smell of the dog food. If the open bag falls over, the food spreads around the house and causes unnecessary work. On the other hand, the hygienic advantages of a food box compared to an open bag are not to be neglected. 

These are the advantages of a dog food box:

Food boxes are waterproof and airtight

Food that is stored airtight and watertight after opening retains its freshness and flavour for longer. This is no different with dog food than with other foods. A food box is only opened to remove the food. Otherwise, the food is not exposed to air, moisture or light. 

Our food boxes are made of high quality plastic

All of the dog food boxes we offer are made of food-safe quality plastic. This means that they are explicitly manufactured for the storage of food. This distinguishes food boxes from other plastic storage options. You don't have to worry about plastic particles from the box ending up in the dog's food and being eaten. 

Dog food boxes save space

An opened bag of dry dog food is bulky and takes up a relatively large amount of space. It is inconvenient to move such a bag without spilling food. Food boxes, on the other hand, are space-saving and stackable. They can be moved easily and, unlike a bag of food, a box can be used to store things flexibly. 

Easy twist closure and large opening

Unlike an open bag of food, food boxes can be closed with a twist lock. This keeps the dog away from its food and even small children cannot easily help themselves to the dog food. The food box can be filled and food can be removed via the large opening. 

Protection against pests

Open dog food can quickly attract pests. Depending on where the food is stored, this can be insects, mice or even rats. This danger can be nipped in the bud by using a food box. Neither insects nor rodents will be attracted to a locked food box. 

What size should a dog food box be?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The food box should suit your requirements and circumstances. If you have several dogs or a dog of a large breed, you should definitely choose a large model such as the 25 kg dog food box from Gamma2, so that even large bags of dog food can be completely stored in it. For small breeds, a small and space-saving food box such as the Vittles Vault 7.5 kg by Gamma2 can be the right choice. 

Note that food boxes are not only available in different sizes, but also in different shapes. So if you already know where a food box will be placed in your household, or how much space you have available, you can choose between flat and tall, and wide and narrow models.