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Übersicht Huggles Kats Plüschtiere HuggleKats plush figures

Plush water animals, filled with catnip

€5.30 *
Seesaw feather Seesaw feather

Playing rod with natural feathers for cats

€10.60 *
Mouse in a pouch Detail Mouse in a pouch

Electronic cat-mouse-game

€30.25 *
Scratch Disk Scratch Disk

Scratch disk for cats

€32.00 *
Colibri Colibri

Playing rod with feathers and pearls in the rod

€9.20 *
Carnaval Carnaval

Playing rod with feathers and spiral spring

€8.55 *
Tail Spin & Chase Tail Spin & Chase

Electronic chase toy with mutiple speed settings

€44.30 *
Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

Electronic bird in a cage with sound

€25.31 *
Whirling Wiggler Whirling Wiggler

Electronic spin toy with butterflies

€22.45 *
Pounce House Pounce House

Electronic cat toy in a tent

€28.85 *
Yeoww Regenbgen mit Katzenmize Detail Banderole Yeowww! Rainbow

Catnip filled rainbow

€14.15 *
Yeowww! Lady Crinkle Bug Yeowww! Lady Crinkle Bug

Catnip filled fabric lady bug

€8.25 *
Yeowww! My Cats Balls 3 pcs. Yeowww! My Cats Balls 3 pcs.

Catnip filled fabric balls

€21.35 *
Day Dream Day Dream

Playing rod with colourful and soundful feathers for cats

€10.65 *
Roll 'N Play Cat Toy Roll 'N Play Cat Toy

Sisal coated cat toy with feathers, fillable

€14.45 *
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