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Mouse in a pouch Detail Mouse in a pouch

Electronic cat-mouse-game

€30.25 *
Scratch Disk Scratch Disk

Scratch disk for cats

€32.00 *
Carnaval Carnaval

Cheerful cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm is a spiral...

€7.95 *
Colibri Colibri

Exotic cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm colorful...

€8.75 *
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Tail Spin & Chase Tail Spin & Chase

Electronic chase toy with mutiple speed settings

€44.30 *
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Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

Electronic bird in a cage with sound

€25.30 *
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Pounce House Pounce House

Electronic cat toy in a tent

€28.85 *
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Whirling Wiggler Whirling Wiggler

Electronic spin toy with butterflies

€22.45 *
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Porta Maus Porta Maus

Motorized hunting toy in the shape of a mouse

€12.35 *
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PURRfect Feather Bouncer PURRfect Feather Bouncer

Playing rod with natural and coloured feathers for cats

€12.95 *
PURRfect Leather Cat Toy PURRfect Leather Cat Toy

Playing rod with natural leather ribbons for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Feather Cat Toy PURRfect Feather Cat Toy

Playing rod with real natural feathers for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Cat Toy PURRfect Cat Toy

Playing rod with fur pendant and satin ribbon for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Peacock Feather PURRfect Peacock Feather

Playing rod with natural peacock feathers for cats

€12.50 *
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Burning Flame Burning Flame

Cat play rod with different feathers and rustling ruffle ribbon. When slightly moving the play...

€9.50 *
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