Packing properly for a holiday with a dog

If you are planning a trip with your dog, you need to think about a few things. So that you have the right things in your luggage for an unforgettable holiday with your four-legged friend, we have put together an overview of useful articles. 

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DuraTug - Stretch Toy DuraTug - Stretch Toy

Innovative tug toy made of exceptionally stretchable and bite-resistant material. The DuraTug...

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Schulze's Best Bites 120g Schulze's Best Bites 120g (120 g)

Dog treats for allergy sufferers and sensitive dogs - Without sugar, grain, gluten - Small, soft...

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Content 120 g (€4.42 * / 100 g)
Sherpa Original Deluxe Sherpa Original Deluxe

Deluxe transport bag

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Easy Glider Durafoam Multi Mix Seite Easy Glider Durafoam Multi

Soft and durable frisbee disc that can also be used as a water bowl on the go. Easy links...

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Swin n' Fling Durafoam Fetch Ball Swin n' Fling Durafoam Fetch Ball

Play ball made of foam with attached rope. On the ball made of tooth-friendly material is a...

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Backpack "Lead & Travel" Backpack "Lead & Travel"

Backpack (saddle bag) for dogs consisting of harness and backpack part in orange and silver...

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Porta Wear Boots blue 4 pieces Porta Wear Boots blue 4 pieces

High closure dog shoes made of durable softshell material in the color blue. Thanks to rubber...

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PAWZ colored 12 pieces PAWZ colored 12 pieces

Natural rubber dog shoes in different colors. The shoes are reusable, waterproof and easy to put...

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ILS Sunglasses blue ILS Sunglasses blue

Sunglasses for dogs blue

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ILS Sunglasses camouflage ILS Sunglasses camouflage

Sunglasses for dogs camouflage

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Holidays with a dog - What to think about

Tips on preparing for a trip abroad with a dog

Before you travel abroad, you should find out about the entry regulations for animals in your holiday destination. These regulations are usually very easy to find on the respective country's website. In fact, the regulations can vary considerably from country to country, which is why it is essential to do a little research beforehand. 

Are all documents complete?

The EU pet passport is a basic requirement for travelling abroad with a dog. This contains the dog's chip number and vaccinations and serves as an important identification document. When travelling abroad, the EU pet passport must be accompanied by proof of the dog's current rabies vaccination, which is already valid. 

What are the general conditions in your country? 

It pays to compare and inform yourself so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises with your dog at your holiday destination. The following questions can be answered in advance through optimal preparation:

  • How dog-friendly is a hotel or guesthouse?
  • Is there enough space for my dog in my accommodation?
  • How (long) are the paths to the next meadow, forest or outdoor area?
  • Where is the nearest vet or veterinary clinic? 

What you could check and plan in advance in peace and quiet, you don't have to research in a stressful or emergency situation during your holiday. Even if it is to be hoped that no emergency will occur, preparation can be important in an emergency. And even if all goes well, knowing that you are fully prepared in case of an emergency can be a comforting feeling. 

What should you pack for a holiday with a dog?

Of course, you should not forget the everyday things, such as a leash and a basket. You should also bear in mind that the dog might feel lonely in a strange environment. That's why it's best to pack his favourite toy, cuddly toys and a blanket with a familiar scent. Especially with small dogs, it may also be advisable to offer transport bags in which the dog feels comfortable as an additional place of retreat. Last but not least, don't forget to pack enough food and treats for the journey. Small food boxes are particularly practical for transporting dry food, as they are sturdy and can be locked.

Extreme trips and excursions with the dog

If you are planning a boat trip, you should not forget to ensure the safety of your four-legged friend. Even though dogs can swim, a dog life jacket can provide additional safety. Especially in situations where you are wearing a waistcoat yourself, your dog should also be equipped with a safe life jacket.

Winter holidays and snow walks with your dog 

Dogs' paws are sensitive. Especially on snow and ice, you can protect your dog's paws from the cold by wearing dog shoes. Dog shoes also protect against road salt, which can cause painful paws.

Protect your dog from the wind

If you like to travel fast and your dog accompanies you, whether in a boat, motorbike sidecar or convertible, you should protect the dog's eyes by wearing dog sunglasses. Of course, dog sunglasses also offer additional UV protection. 

Walking holiday with dog

Nothing is more beautiful than a walking holiday with a dog. But it can be even nicer if your dog takes some of the load off your shoulders. Every hiker knows how quickly a hiking backpack becomes heavy once all the provisions and especially drinks have been packed. That's why we recommend sharing the weight with your dog. The Lead & Travel dog backpack is particularly practical for hiking holidays. Dogs don't mind taking on some of the load. Be it a bottle of water or your keys or mobile phone. No matter what, everything can be easily stowed in the dog backpack.


A particularly practical recommendation for holidays with dogs is the Easy Glider Durafoam Muti Mix Frisbee. It is a great, extremely robust throwing toy. As it floats on water, it is also ideal for playing in and around water. For a snack or refreshment after playing, you can simply turn the Easy Glider upside down and use it as a bowl or water dish.