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Seesaw feather Seesaw feather

Playing rod with natural feathers for cats

€9.50 *
Carnaval Carnaval

Cheerful cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm is a spiral...

€7.95 *
Colibri Colibri

Exotic cat play rod with colored natural feathers. In the rod with a length of 45cm colorful...

€8.75 *
Flying Bird Flying Bird

Cat play fishing rod with rotating natural springs and extra flexible rod. The self-rotating...

€9.50 *
Medusa Medusa

Simple cat play rod with very fine colored feathers for fun and employment

€9.50 *
PURRfect Cat Toy PURRfect Cat Toy

Playing rod with fur pendant and satin ribbon for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Feather Bouncer PURRfect Feather Bouncer

Playing rod with natural and coloured feathers for cats

€12.95 *
PURRfect Leather Cat Toy PURRfect Leather Cat Toy

Playing rod with natural leather ribbons for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Feather Cat Toy PURRfect Feather Cat Toy

Playing rod with real natural feathers for cats

€16.50 *
PURRfect Peacock Feather PURRfect Peacock Feather

Playing rod with natural peacock feathers for cats

€12.50 *
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Burning Flame Burning Flame

Cat play rod with different feathers and rustling ruffle ribbon. When slightly moving the play...

€9.50 *
Diva Diva

Rustling cat play rod with colored feathers and shiny tinsel.

€9.50 *
Indian Summer Indian Summer

Natural cat play rod with soft natural feathers and additional pendant.

€11.50 *
Mystic Long Feather Mystic Long Feather

Cat play rod with shiny and patterned natural feathers. The different feathers imitate the...

€9.50 *
PURRfect Crunchy Feather PURRfect Crunchy Feather

Playing rod with natural long feathers and curly ribbons for cats

€19.95 *
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How do I find the right play rod for my cat?

The type of play rod cats prefer to play with varies from cat to cat. Rather shy cats prefer longer play rods, such as the different models from PURRfect. For brave daredevils it can also be a short rod like the Cat Dancer. The shorter the play rod, the more direct the contact during play and the greater the bond that develops between man and animal. Ultimately, as a cat owner, you need to assess how much closeness your cat will allow when playing. You should also consider whether your cats find feathers, pendants, strings or noises particularly stimulating. If you cannot answer this directly, this can simply be tested out when playing together. In any case, you should pay attention to natural materials, as the cat likes to chew on the prey after catching it. Good quality workmanship is also important. Under no circumstances should smaller parts come loose when the cat is playing with the rod or chewing on it. 

Once the right toy has been found, the cat's hunting instinct can easily be awakened with the toy rod. Unlike electronic toys, which cats also like to chase, the focus of a toy rod is on playing together. The intensity of the game or the chase can be controlled by the human. Apart from the low purchase price, this is also the biggest advantage of play fishing rods compared to electronic hunting toys. Depending on the age, health or fitness of your cat, you can control how much exercise the cat gets when chasing the toy rod. This way you can consciously design and vary the training session. 

Tip: Buy a small selection of different fishing rods. What is great fun for cats for a certain period of time can suddenly no longer be exciting from one day to the next. In this case, you can use a different fishing rod or an interchangeable Nekoflies tag to create new stimuli that the cat will respond to again. But even a "worn-out" toy should not be disposed of immediately. After a few days or weeks break with a certain toy, it can suddenly be as interesting again as before.