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Fun&Tasty Paw Fun&Tasty Paw

Licking mat with suction cups for dogs. With the suction cups on the bottom, the mat can be...

€8.95 *
Schulze's Best - Puppy Schulze's Best - Puppy (4.5 kg)

Premium dog food: Grain-free dry food - especially for puppies

From €22.24 * €27.80 *
Content 4.5 kg (€4.94 * / 1 kg)
Different variants available
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goDog™ Dino Frills Teal S goDog™ Dino Frills Teal S

Sturdy plush toy dinosaur for dogs. The dinosaur has a clever design, bold colors and a built-in...

€17.85 *
Swan Kunststoff - weiß Swan Kunststoff - weiß

Stylish plastic drinking fountain for dogs and Cats

€41.52 * €51.90 *
Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Innovative dog shower. Aquapaw wash set consists of a spray head with integrated brush. Allows...

€21.49 * €28.65 *
Schulze's Best-Large Breed Puppy Schulze's Best-Large Breed Puppy (4.5 kg)

Premium dog food: Grain-free dry food - complete feed for large breed puppies

From €29.92 * €37.40 *
Content 4.5 kg (€6.65 * / 1 kg)
Different variants available
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Hear Doggy® Elephant Hear Doggy® Elephant

Innovative plush toy for dogs with integrated squeaker that is inaudible to the human ear. The...

€20.65 *
PAWZ black 12 pieces PAWZ black 12 pieces

Black dog shoes made of natural rubber. The shoes are reusable, waterproof and easy to put on the...

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PAWZ colored 12 pieces PAWZ colored 12 pieces

Natural rubber dog shoes in different colors. The shoes are reusable, waterproof and easy to put...

From €21.30 *
Different variants available
Everlasting Bento Ball Everlasting Bento Ball

Durable chew ball with nubby surface that can be filled with Everlasting Treats and other treats....

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Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe

Stainless clicker with elastic strap for optimised training with the dog. The ergonomic clicker...

€7.20 *
Rubber Tuff Treat Stump Rubber Tuff Treat Stump

Interactive chewing stump for dental hygiene

From €12.60 *
Different variants available
Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash

Length-adjustable dog leash for walking and training. The leash can be placed around the shoulder...

€42.75 *
DogZone ProTraining Bed sky blue DogZone ProTraining Bed sky blue

Sky-blue training bed as resting area and training aid

From €95.20 *
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Treat Pouch Treat Pouch

Closable food bag for at home & on the go. Treats can be safely stored in the bag with zip. With...

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What do you have to look out for in a new puppy?

Puppies like to cuddle

After birth, puppies seek closeness to their siblings and their mother. Especially in the first days, the physical contact is very close. But even after being separated from their siblings, most puppies have a great need for closeness. That is why it is important that owners spend enough time with their puppy. In order to better meet the great need for cuddling, it is a good idea to provide the puppy with a cuddly toy right from the start. Make sure that it is especially suitable for dogs. Conventional cuddly toys can easily become dangerous for puppies because of the filling materials and small parts. Especially since young dogs are impetuous and bite the soft toy with their pointed milk teeth. A cuddly toy for puppies must be able to cope with this high stress so that your young dog can cuddle with it safely. 

Puppies are impetuous and full of energy

Puppies are wild and love to romp. Practically everything in the puppy's environment can be used as a toy. It can happen that furniture is nibbled and shoes are turned into toys. To avoid this problem, we advise you to buy a sturdy toy with which you can play and romp together with your puppy.  With the right toy, the young dog can let off steam. In addition, playing together strengthens the bond between dog and owner. When buying a toy, make sure it is made of sturdy material and is well made. No parts should come loose that could be swallowed and thus become dangerous for the puppy. We recommend the Bionic Ball or the Romp-n-Roll as particularly suitable toys. 

The right basic equipment for puppies 

A few things belong to the basic equipment of a puppy household and should therefore be purchased from the beginning. These include a bowl for food and water, treats for in-between rewards and, of course, dog food suitable for puppies. 

Normally, when you buy a puppy from the breeder, you will receive food for the first few days. You should use this up before switching to a new food. Also, when changing puppy food, make sure you choose the right one for your puppy's breed. Read more about the characteristics of puppy food for large breeds and for small breeds.

When it comes to the leash, you should choose a light leash that is as flexible as possible and can be used beyond puppyhood. This will save you having to buy different leashes. Our recommendation for dogs of all ages is the Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash

There are two things you should look for in treats. The ingredients and that it tastes good to your pet.  

The right help if your puppy has teething problems

Every dog is different and so there can be very different problems with a puppy. It is important to observe the behaviour of the animal closely and see which products can help with problems. 

For example, if a puppy refuses to go outside in winter, this may be due to cold, frozen floors and a simple pair of dog shoes could help. Or if a puppy is not drinking enough, a drinking fountain may be the solution to encourage sufficient fluid intake. Sometimes the solution is actually very obvious. Of course, you should also seek the advice of your veterinarian, especially if there are health problems.