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Fun&Tasty Paw Fun&Tasty Paw

Licking mat with suction cups for dogs. With the suction cups on the bottom, the mat can be...

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Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Innovative dog shower. Aquapaw wash set consists of a spray head with integrated brush. Allows...

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Schulze's Best-Large Breed Puppy Schulze's Best-Large Breed Puppy (4.5 kg)

Premium dog food: Grain-free dry food - complete feed for large breed puppies

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Content 4.5 kg (€8.31 * / 1 kg)
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PAWZ camouflage 12 pieces PAWZ camouflage 12 pieces

Socks made from natural rubber

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Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe Pro-Training Clicker Deluxe

Stainless clicker with elastic strap for optimised training with the dog. The ergonomic clicker...

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Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash Pro-Training Hands-Free Leash

Length-adjustable dog leash for walking and training. The leash can be placed around the shoulder...

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PAWZ black 12 pieces PAWZ black 12 pieces

Black dog shoes made of natural rubber. The shoes are reusable, waterproof and easy to put on the...

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PAWZ colored 12 pieces PAWZ colored 12 pieces

Natural rubber dog shoes in different colors. The shoes are reusable, waterproof and easy to put...

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Futterbeutel Treat Pouch

Closable food bag for at home & on the go. Treats can be safely stored in the bag with zip. With...

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Bionic Ball Bionic Ball

Throwing and chewing toy made of unique BIONIC Rubber material with embossing on the surface. The...

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Puppies of large breeds - What needs to be considered?

What special features need to be considered when feeding large breed puppies?

Puppies grow very quickly. Most breeds reach half of their later body weight before they are six months old. But even in the following months, the young dogs continue to grow at an enormous pace. In large breeds in particular, the growth phase extends over a much longer period than in small dogs. While small breeds complete their growth at just over one year, this phase lasts between 6 and 12 months in very large breeds. Some particularly large breeds actually do not reach their final weight until they are two years old. 

Puppy food plays an important role in providing optimal support during the growth phase. Such a special food should not only be fed at the beginning, but throughout the entire period of the growth phase. The long growth phase and the considerable weight gain result in very special requirements for food for large breeds. In principle, puppy food has a higher energy content than food for adult animals. This is because young dogs have a higher energy requirement due to their urge to move and their growth. Satisfying these needs with adult food would be unhealthy, as larger amounts have to be eaten to reach the same energy level. This can easily lead to accelerated weight gain with all the complications this can have on bones and joints. Fears that puppy food will exert too strong an influence on the dog's growth and accelerate it unnaturally are unfounded. High-quality food is very precisely adapted to the needs of the respective phase of life. Our recommendation for large breed puppies is Schulze's Best Large Breed Puppy, which convinces with these healthy ingredients: 

  • Grain-free
  • 25% protein, 13% fat
  • Salmon as the only source of protein
  • Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Natural omega-3 fatty acids support cognitive & visual development

Why is a food box especially worthwhile for large breed puppies?

Puppies are curious, playful and greedy. Especially in the growth phase, curiosity seems to be as big as appetite. Accordingly, it is important that the dog does not come across an open bag of food while rummaging around, where it can help itself to its heart's content. This can lead to food being spread all over the flat and the dog overeating on its discovery. The stronger the smell from the opened bag, the better it should be hidden from the four-legged friend. To avoid this problem, we recommend a lockable food box. No smell penetrates through it and the closure cannot be opened by a dog. Especially if you own a puppy of a large breed, you will have to store many bags of dry food in the course of your dog's life. Our tip: Use a food box like the portapet food box from the very beginning, as it is the most practical and hygienic solution. 

Which toys suit large breed puppies?

Almost all puppies love to play. It goes without saying that dog toys for puppies should be robust, resilient and not very small. However, toys are often available in different designs and sizes. Our tip for owners of large breed puppies: Don't buy toys that are too small. For one thing, even small puppies often like big toys, so you are not doing the dog any favours with an extra-small toy. In addition, puppies grow quickly and a toy that is too small could quickly lose its appeal. That's why it can be worthwhile to go straight for a dog toy like the Bionic Ball or the Romp'n Roll in sizes L or XL.