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Mouse in a pouch Detail Mouse in a pouch

Electronic cat-mouse-game

€30.25 *
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Tail Spin & Chase Tail Spin & Chase

Electronic chase toy with mutiple speed settings

€44.30 *
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Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

Electronic bird in a cage with sound

€25.30 *
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Pounce House Pounce House

Electronic cat toy in a tent

€28.85 *
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Whirling Wiggler Whirling Wiggler

Electronic spin toy with butterflies

€22.45 *
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Porta Maus Porta Maus

Motorized hunting toy in the shape of a mouse

€12.35 *
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Electronic cat toys

A common phenomenon that probably most cat owners know is that the cat demands attention just when you don't have time to play with it. This can easily lead to stress, both for the cat and the owner. Cats also need something to do when you are not at home. Cats left alone can easily get silly ideas and quickly turn your home into a playground. To prevent damage, boredom should be avoided and a certain mental and physical challenge should be ensured. 

Electronic cat toys offer a simple remedy to keep cats happy.

The principle of electronic cat toys is based on the fact that certain stimuli appeal to the cat's hunting instinct, arouse its curiosity and captivate it for as long as possible through various impulses. This works through movement or sounds that the toy emits. The shape and movement of the toys often imitate natural cat prey. The Bird in a Cage looks and chirps like a small bird in a cage. The Whirling Wiggler, on the other hand, imitates butterflies and their flight movements. Other toys, such as the Porta Mouse or the Mouse in a Pouch, imitate mice and encourage hunting. 

How do I choose a suitable electronic toy for my cat?

When choosing a suitable cat toy, you should consider the cat's preferences as well as its age. Young cats usually prefer toys with fast movements where they can train their reflexes and hunting behaviour. Older or sluggish cats often prefer toys that move more slowly. With a classic manual toy such as a cat fishing rod, you can test your cat to get an idea of what type of play your cat is. You can then transfer the behaviour shown when playing with a cat feather or a cat rod to an electronic cat toy. 

How to use an electronic cat toy correctly

To ensure that an electronic cat toy remains interesting for as long as possible, you should not overdose it and only use it for limited periods of time. It is advisable not to exceed a maximum of 15 minutes.
It is very important to note that electronic cat toys do not replace playing together with the cat. For a harmonious life together, cat owners should take enough time to play, as this promotes the bond between human and pet. Therefore, use electronic cat toys consciously as a supplement to classic play.