Electronic cat toys

They awaken the chasing instinct and are extremely practical for cat owners. Electronic cat toys are motorised and stimulate the cat's attention and activity through unpredictable movements and sounds. In our shop you will find electronic cat toys of excellent quality for long-lasting fun.


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Mouse in a pouch Detail Mouse in a pouch

Electronic cat-mouse-game

€28.25 *
Tail Spin & Chase Tail Spin & Chase

Electronic chase toy with mutiple speed settings

€41.40 *
Bird in a Cage Bird in a Cage

Electronic bird in a cage with sound

€23.65 *
Pounce House Pounce House

Electronic cat toy in a tent

€26.95 *
Whirling Wiggler Whirling Wiggler

Electronic spin toy with butterflies

€20.95 *
Porta Maus Porta Maus

Motorized hunting toy in the shape of a mouse

From €7.12 * €11.50 *
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