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GAMMA2 first developed and patented an airtight container in 1989. The original concept was developed for the biomedical storage industry until an unmet need was identified in the pet industry.
At the time, many pet owners were unaware that pet food could spoil, making it unappetising (and possibly unhealthy) for their furry pets. Not only that, pests, especially ants, are a major problem in many parts of the world. GAMMA2 storage containers offer a solution for millions of people worldwide. The patented closure system is unmatched by competitors and connoisseurs recommend GAMMA2 products more than any other food storage container.

At GAMMA2, we focus on what we do best - making products that keep you and your pets happy, healthy and safe.

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Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg Portapet Food Container square 7,5 kg

Food box made of food grade plastic. The box is airtight and waterproof, protects dry food,...

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