Self-made cat ice cream - Kitty Beat ice cream mix and Kitty’s Cream


Especially on hot days we people like to take a refreshing ice cream to cool down - why not make a cat ice cream ourselves for our pets? Here you can find out what you need and how it works. We have two products with which a cat ice cream can be prepared quickly and easily. Kitty Beat - ice cream mix and Kitty's Cream.

Kitty Beat – the ice cream mix for cats

The super easy to prepare ice cream mix made from 100% chicken ensures healthy cooling at hot temperatures. Meat lovers will love this cat ice cream. Besides, this cool treat is without added sugar and flavour enhancers. It is highly digestible and rich in protein to strengthen muscle and bone structure. Perfect for sensitive cats (and dogs) with food intolerances.

A cat ice cream that is super easy to prepare

Thanks to the super easy preparation of Kitty Beat ice cream mix, you can quickly prepare a summery cat's ice cream yourself. You will now find out, how this works:

Make your own cat ice cream with Kitty Beat ice cream mix in 3 steps:

  1. Put 5g of Kitty Beat ice cream mixture in a bowl together with 25ml of water
  2. Stir and allow the mixture to swell for 2-3 minutes
  3. Pour the Kitty Beat ice cream mixture into an ice pop mould and place in the freezer at -18 °C for 3 hours


 Kitty’s Cream – the creamy delicious cat snack

Kitty's Cream is a delicious creamy cat snack made from real salmon, codfish and duck for true gourmets. Through a gentle roasting process, the cream for cats gets its unique, irresistible taste - the special reward for in between and the exclusive topping for every food. With valuable oligosaccharides to promote a healthy immune system and omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat. No added cereals or sugar. With three great flavours, a varied snack pleasure is guaranteed! And the best - can also be used as cat ice cream and is an absolute MUST, especially in summer!


Perfect for the summer – a cat ice cream that refreshes and tastes good!

In summer you can easily make a refreshing cat ice cream yourself from the delicious cat snack for little sweet toothers. Find out now how to do it super fast and easy!


Make your own cat ice cream in 3 steps:

1. Fill Kitty's Cream into ice moulds (e.g. Kitty's Cream Ice Pop Mould)

2. Put it in the freezer for a few hours

3. Serve ice-cold cat snack to your darling


With the delicious cat ice cream you already have an ideal snack reward, especially on hot summer days! Already discovered? With our Kitty's Cream Ice Pop Mould in cat look, your cat ice cream will become a very special eye-catcher!


ratgeber_tipp_kleinMake your cat ice cream in stock! So you have daily a cooling down for your darling ready!

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