The right sleeping place for your cat

Every cat owner knows about this one and very particular passion of his or her cat. Sleeping. Exactly for that reason, we tried to get to the bottom of that topic and searched for the perfect sleeping places for your house cat. In the following article you learn about all relevant Information around the feel-good space of your sleepy companion.


Who would have thought it? Cats spend around 15 hours a day sleeping and that is alright, because those little time outs are important for the cats well-being and health. This is the reason why a retreat is especially important and has to be set up comfortably and appropriate.   


Your cat‘s behavior.

A cat is an extremely idiosyncratic being.  You don’t pick a sleeping place, your cat does. However, you can support it with that by offering different options to choose from. For that it is especially important to be familiar with your companions preferences, since every cat has it’s own character and thus different claims. Some cats love elevated sleeping places, others prefer creeping away in a cave on the floor. Some cats like it warm and cozy, like in a bed or on the couch, others prefer cooling tiles. There is one more thing to mention in advance: There is no such thing as “the one” particular place, but mostly two up to three different spots. This behavior originates from past time. These animals changed their sleeping place more often, so that it wouldn’t absorb their own odor and enemies wouldn’t be able to find their track.


Creating comfort

As already mentioned, cat’s are really idiosyncratic and won’t easily be dictated to about where to sleep. You as a cat owner though can point out the right direction to your animal. First of all it is important to observe the cat and to look where it resides most. At this places sleeping spaces should be set up. For the deep sleep phase of cats and kittens quiet, covered caves are recommended. For that purpose wicker baskets or special cat-caves work well. The rigid wicker basket should be lined with blankets or pillows. Here it is valid: The thinner the cat’s fur is, the warmer the cat likes it’s sleeping place to be.  Whereas elevated sleeping places, such as a scratching post or the notorious windowsill, are more suitable for a short nap. To turn this space into a cozy place, there are special pillows for the windowsill for example where your cat can rest on comfortably. In case you are handy about the house you can search for DIY (Do-it-Yourself) options on platforms such as YouTube and easily recreate those.


The wrong sleeping place

The sleeping facilities are versatile. Is your cat is hogging your bed or your couch, it is up to you to decide whether to allow it or not. In case you would like to have those places for yourself, you have to make clear to your cat that this place is not an undisturbed spot. Soon your cat will look for a new sleeping place. 


The question concerning the right sleeping place is in principle easy to answer: Every cat chooses it’s favorite spot all by itself, your role here is simply to observe your pet and to make some helping interventions (baskets, blankets, pillows). Mostly you as the owner are way more demanding than the cat itself. It is surprising what kind of things can become a sleeping place. So it happens that your cat prefers the turned laptop pillow over the extra set up and lovingly arranged cat cave. Just stay relaxed and be surprised where your little friend ends up resting.

To invite one or the other inspiration and offer for a suitable sleeping place for your cat visit our category Carrying Bags and Hiding Places.

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